Nutravigilance Verified by Supplement Safety Solutions

Nutravigilance is the science and activities that comprise the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects related to the use of a food, dietary supplement, or medical food. 

Companies in the dietary supplement, natural products and medical foods industry may license the Nutravigilance® Verfied seal for display on product labels, online, TV, radio and print marketing materials to demonstrate that they have in place a robust, comprehensive approach to product safety, product quality and adverse event surveillance and analysis hat exceeds the current regulatory standards. Companies that follow a Nutravigilance system verify that they train their employees to recognize adverse events, have detailed standard operating procedures for processing and reporting adverse events, and have an appropriately trained Responsible Person identified to interface with the regulatory agencies.

Nutravigilance® Verified companies create high-quality adverse event narratives and reports, regularly search the literature for safety reports related to ingredients found in their product formulation, perform periodic safety signal detection exercises, and summarize the totality of data in an annual Nutravgiliance safety reports.

The Nutravigilance® Verified seal on product labels and marketing materials shows your customers that a qualified third-party is actively monitoring any consumer complaints or reports of potential health problems related to or associated with but not necessarily caused by — the use of your supplement.

The seal is good steward assurance that your brand is not only meeting the minimum mandatory standards of federal and state consumer protection laws, but exceeding the requirements for both product complaint and adverse event reporting.